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Le Marrakesh Real Estate is your local, Moroccan real estate guide, for your perfect home in Morocco. We only work together with locals cutting international middlemen to ensure highest quality housing with competitive pricing for our clients. Explore your overseas summer house, or your escape for the winter months, where you can enjoy mild weather in your new house in Morocco and for the rest of the year be assured to rent out your place to tourists from all over the world on platforms such as Airbnb to earn extra income!

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The opportunities are endless, summer house or even winter house to escape the cold winter months or even renting out your new home for the months you are not in Morocco on platforms like Airbnb to guarantee some extra income!

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Le Marrakesh Real Estate helped me from the sourcing to purchase of my new home. They took care of all the complex admin and paper work. It is incredible to call Morocco home and to live in my own little Riad which feels like a palace from a different world.

Samantha Watson

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How difficult is it to purchase a property in morocco?

The question should be rather how easy. You will be surprised how quick you can purchase your home in Morocco. We will help you with the very first step from viewing until purchase and will also help you to find the right legal support.

Why should i consider buying a property in morocco?

Morocco is quickly growing and a loved destination for people all over the world! This brings along great opportunities to also rent out your home while you are away.

I want to purchase a home but want to rent it out for the days i am not present. is that possible?

Yes, it is. And with our AirBnb property management team we can help you take care of the property while you are abroad!

Where should i purchase a property in morocco?

The opportunities are endless but for a starter we recommend to purchase a property in cities where there is a large influx of tourists. This will make it easier for you to rent out the property when you are away.

How quick can i call a property in morocco mine?

The process is very quick and you can be a proud property owner in Morocco in less than 12 weeks!

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